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Soul Works

Soul Works

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Author: Linda Greyman


  • How to listen to what your soul is telling you
  • How to find your purpose while navigating through life’s labyrinth
  • How to overcome toxic relationships and build healthier ones
  • How to heal yourself from abuse, trauma & emotional pain and find inner peace

Number Of Pages: 266

Release Date: 10-12-2021

Details: Soul Works is your wake up call, and your personal guide meant to illuminate your soul, tap into your intuition and improve your mental and emotional well-being. Developed by The Minds Journal, Soul Works is a collection of hand-picked articles written by mental health experts, life coaches and authors from around the world. It also features some of the best thoughts from The Minds Journal Community of awake and inspired individuals from all walks of life. Soul Works is an inspiring and carefully created guide that emboldens you to develop a positive mindset, boost your self-esteem and find your true self. These highly valuable, informative, yet emotionally-rooted articles are meant to help you find your way towards a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

EAN: 9788195537204

Languages: english

Binding: Perfect Paperback

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