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Toxic Love Disorder

Toxic Love Disorder

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Author: Dr. Angel J. Storm, Beverly Flaxington, Christy Piper, Christina (Common Ego), Dominique Inkrott, Darlene Lancer, Dr. Elinor Greenberg, Dr. Forrest Talley, Jesston Williams, Dr. Josh Gressel, Julie L. Hall, Dr. Kristin Davin, Kim Saeed, Kaytee Gillis, Dr. Mariette Jansen, Dr. Peg O'connor, Signe M. Hegestand


'Toxic Love Disorder' is a groundbreaking book crafted with love by a team of reputed authors from around the globe. It offers a comprehensive guide to understanding, overcoming, and healing from toxic relationships.

Love is intoxicating. So much so that we turn a blind eye to all the poison that seeps into the nooks and crannies of our mind, heart, body and soul, thanks to our toxic lover. We breathe in the toxicity to fill our hearts and as the darkness starts to engulf us, we slowly become suffocated. Struggling to breathe, ironically, we become addicted to this toxicity and accept what we have become - a desperate, codependent enabler in an abusive relationship.
Yet, we ignore the red flags, silence our inner voices, tell ourselves that “this is not abuse” and try harder to make the relationship work. We keep trying harder to please our abuser. To have a little mercy. A little attention. A little validation. A little love. So that we can feel worthy. We are willing to tolerate all levels of abuse just for that little bit of love.
In the intricate tapestry of unraveling toxic relationships, this book stands as a collaborative effort, woven together by the invaluable contributions of many skilled and insightful authors. Each author's unique perspective and expertise have enriched the pages within, shedding light on the complexities of toxic dynamics.

Are you ready to imagine a future where you no longer settle for less, where toxic relationships are a thing of the past? 'Toxic Love Disorder' offers you the tools and guidance to make that dream a reality. This isn't just a book—it's your key to happiness and empowerment!
Whether you are in a toxic relationship or know someone who is trapped in one, Toxic Love Disorder has been designed as a comprehensive encyclopedia on toxic and abusive relationships.


The book allows you to take a deep dive and understand -
How a seemingly healthy relationship turns toxic
What toxic relationships consist of
What lies at the heart of toxic relationships
Why do toxic individuals abuse the people they seemingly love?
Why the victim chooses to love and stay with their abuser
What abuse looks like in toxic relationships
How it can affect both the abuser and the abused
How to deal with abuse and toxic patterns
How to fix things finally, if at all
What you can do to get out of a toxic relationship or help someone walk away
We deconstruct the inner core of toxic relationships & delve deep into the psychology of the abuser and the abused to help everyone overcome toxic patterns and build a healthier relationship and a happier life for themselves.
Dive into a journey towards transformation as you uncover the secrets to recognizing toxic patterns, fostering self-love, and building healthier connections. This book empowers you with practical strategies to break free from the chains of toxicity and discover the strength within you.
May this book be a source of comfort, guidance, and inspiration to all who read it. We hope Toxic Love Disorder is everything you expect it to be and it offers you the help you need to transform your relationships and your life.

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Number Of Pages: 362

EAN: 9788195537228

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

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